Friday, May 29, 2015

The Hunger Artist

So the Hunger Artist was using his "art" to show the world that he wanted to find happiness and he was being starved of happiness by the world. He had that little glimpse of happiness when the people around him acknowledged him and paid attention. Soon after they grew tired of him and the artist was starving again. We as people want to mean something in the world we want to be remembered. And when the artist was forgotten so was his passion to pursue life and find happiness. It's the greed in humans that keeps us from finding nirvana, and after searching for that happiness a lot of us give up. Like the hunger artist we become small, and infinite in our eyes. I thought that the narrator was an artist. Because art is so infinite we can't label what makes art, art. Which in it's own is a wonderful thing. Happiness is also infinite so maybe being happy is art in its own.

Trends and fads are apart of our everyday life and we only look at things from the surface instead of trying to find happiness with in ourselves we look to entertainment and material things. The more you conquer the more you want until you end up empty handed with no hope. So can we truly find happiness or is that what we strive for our entire lives. How to we define happiness.

" The hunger artist wasn't cheating but the world was cheating him...."
That was one of my favorite quotes because he kind of showed how people starve themselves of happiness by trapping themselves in a routine and never really going out and searching for that one thing that makes you happy.

Friday, May 15, 2015


I read the short story " Fiesta." During that story I did not think that the family was ordinary at all. I am not familiar with the acceptance of a cheating spouse or the acceptance of parents beating their children. Although it was explained as a cultural thing to do because the neighbors of the apartments next to the family beat their children as well.

As I was reading the story I had a feeling like they were constantly yelling and that everything was moving at a fast pace. I also felt like it was extremely hot in where they were and this contributed to the feeling of people shouting. Again I did not feel these were ordinary people, the little girl cowered when her father walked into the room. This to me isn't normal, yes a kid should respect the rules her/his parent gave him/her but they should not cower in fear of them.

The van problem was quite interesting, some people brought up that the narrator would get sick in the van and only sick in that car because it was strictly his dad's car. The connection between the van and the narrator was so strong it made him physically ill just like how he's father's cheating is causing mental problems.

The most ordinary thing about the family is the fact that they don't speak about the affair. They think that if they don't bring it up that it isn't happening.Denial is strong and it is in our nature to ignore and put aside things we do not want to hear or comprehend.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Proper words, Proper Literature, Gothic Stlyes.

My Story was In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, the story itself was kind of cold-blooded. This story is non-fiction but it comes off as fiction. It's a horrific story, a horrific event but it is entertaining. The word choices in the story are quite particular, they are beautifully written, they come off it seems with no effort. Although as you continuing reading you can tell the author but a lot of time to convey his message. An example would be the sentence in which it states, "... four shotgun blasts that, all told, ended six human lives." Capote could have simply stated four shotguns shots killed 4 people and condemned two killers. Instead it seems as if he values the lives of the murderers in the same regards as he valued the family that was killed.
The family was described as any other, they were plainly described, nothing stood out about them. I think that is what's really scary. The fact that any family, a normal family living in a normal life has the same chance of encountering such horrors chills me. What is to stop any family from having the same circumstance as the Clutter family. There was nothing that made them stand out to other people. Holcomb, Kansas (where they lived) was unheard of, there wasn't heard of. How could something like this happen to people. People that are your neighbors, people that are you. Capote writes in a way that tells a story in a certain way, a way in which you pity and feel bad for the criminals. A chilling story that paints a killers perspective in a way where we sympathize, we feel for these people that slit throats for 40 dollars.

The other stories from other perspectives and from reading A Rose For Emily, you can definitely can see a striking resemblance to the non-fiction story In Cold Blood. Again in A Rose For Emily, you feel bad for the old woman, you know that she is killer but you couldn't help but pity her. Even the characters in the story felt bad and pitied her. How can you feel bad for a killer, with in which the stories are written it is quite easy. You are the detective in the writing styles so you choose in which you perceive certain people. That is the wondrous way in which Gothic Literature is written, whether it is non-fiction or fiction. Each word has a purpose, a purpose in which you choose.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Why couldn't he just be quite?

I read the story The bullet in the Brain. I thought the story was very interesting and was a nice read. The writing style was easy to read and follow along, the insights that the story provided were also refreshing.  To give an over view of the story it starts by a guy in a bank. The guy's name is Anders and he is a very cynical, sarcastic, almost offensive at times character. Basically he always has a reply to something someone said and usually the reply is heavily coated in sarcasm, and is usually offensive. So Anders is in the bank and two men walk in, they are wearing ski masks and are holding guns. They are going to rob the bank, Anders finds this scene humorous and ends up making one of the robbers mad. The robber warns Anders not to talk or mess with him but, Anders just can't help himself. He replies to the robber with laughter and a comment. The consequence is a bullet going into his head shot from the robbers gun. As the bullet is rattling inside Anders head we get a more in depth character development. We learn of what he doesn't remember and what his last memory was. This last memory sheds light on how Anders became Anders.

Anders made a choice to push the limits something he has been doing his whole life. Anders thrives off of animosity towards him, he loves to create tension. For example in his column he is harsh and mean towards other authors, my reasoning is because he likes angry he thrives off it. Another example is when he left his first love, he got bored and left, he did the same with his wife. He left her because she was boring too. Anders is a thrill seeker and when the two guys walked into the bank this was the moment of the most exciting time in his " boring " life so why not try to make the best of it. Why not push the limits so far that he ends up dying in the most dramatic time in his life. Maybe it was a self conscious act or maybe he was fully aware of what would happen if he pushed these men to far. You won't ever know until you try right? Well the answer was death, Anders got what he wanted in the end. His last great thrill.

So if I was in that bank while it was being robbed I would have not handled the situation like Anders did. I would have listened to the robbers and kept my mouth shut instead of commenting on their "script" like Anders did or even make light of the situation. When the robbers called Anders bright boy was when he really lost it. The robber gave him a warning ended the conversation with Anders by saying capiche. Well Anders clearly did not know what capiche meant because he certainly did not get it. Of course this was absolutely hilarious to Anders, this is the comment that ended his life.
If I was Anders I would have never spoke up about the words they were using but instead I would have just gone to wherever they told me to go and would have sat there and cried. I would not want to call attention to myself or the others around me.  I am sure that if Anders took my course of action he wouldn't have had a bullet in his brain. It is usually a good sign that the robbers will let you go if they are wearing masks. Of course in the situation not ending up dead is the better solution to the characters life. Being alive is a whole lot better than being dead.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

What are Humans?

What are Humans?

The interpreter of Maladies was really interesting and I didn't really like it. The themes in the story were pretty obvious, Mr.K worked with doctors and is a language interpreter. But someone who is great at destroying the language barrier is very bad and reading and understanding the language between himself and Mrs. Das. Mr.K thought that Mrs. Das and himself had a connection one that wasn't expressed in using words but instead using body language. For example when Mrs. Das kept looking in the rear view mirror at Mr.K, he thought she was expressing interest in him. Mr. K had the hopes and dreams that him and Mrs. Das would be together. Where as Mrs. Das had the hopes that Mr.K would be able to help her accomplish her dreams. Her dreams of having her biggest secret lifted off of her shoulders. She dreamed of a life that she loved instead of the life she now lives, a life she hates. The idea that they both had dreams they thought would be cured and solved by one another. The plot and themes melded together to create one. It was heart breaking to read that a mother hates her life and that a man is so desperate for love that he makes false connections and pretenses on a dream.

Humans are different than any other living being because of one thing, we have a conscious. That is what separates us from being beasts, the feeling of empathy and reflection on our past actions, this in turn motivates us to do things. Humans in general strive to be connected to something or someone. We search all of our lives for happiness and love. In the Interpreter of Maladies there was no love or happiness in any of the adults, the only humans that showed love or happiness were the children.  Mr. K, Mr. Das and Mrs. Das both had lives they were unhappy and hated, Mr. K wanted to feel love and have a more intimate connection with another being that his life did not have. Where as Mrs. Das wanted to be cut free of all her responsibilities and Mr. Das ignored his unhappiness with distractions. All the characters were very lonely people. They were surrounded by other people but they had no connection between any other human. I think this shows that the human condition isn't in every one. When Mrs. Das told her little girl to go away and that she was bothering her was really hard to read. Mothers are supposed to love their children unconditionally but maybe Humans aren't different than beasts maybe our interpretations of ourselves was lost in translation. Maybe that is what we are really dreaming about, a condition that separates us from being beasts. So in turn is there really a human condition.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Discussion Discussion,

It seems that this year conspiracy theories are all the rage. Especially the conspiracy of the Disney movies since the release of Frozen the movie. It's crazy to think that Disney movies all connect even the first one Snow White when it was released in the 1930's. Some theories make a lot of sense and fit pretty well into the theory.

What do you think about the Conspiracy theories? Do they make sense? Do you believe in it?

Are there any other TV show or movie conspiracy theories besides the Disney Franchise?
To answer that question there are there are conspiracy theories with nickelodeon like Rugrats, Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron and plenty more.

Do you think these are worth pursuing?
I don't know if they are all that important but they sure are fun to read about. Conspiracy theories generally are serious and quite large but the Disney ones are fun to think about and usually don't offend anyone.

Does the Disney underground community exist?
I am not sure we will be able to answer this question. Who will ever know.

Are there subliminal messages in the movies?
There may be Easter Eggs as they call them in movies but I do not think that there are any hidden messages behind movies, I think they are just for entertainment.

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Media is News, isn't it?

I believe that in our society where new is the must have I think that news sources should change and adapt to society because if they don't the news source could burn out. I think adding some humor in between the breaking news stories will give people the ability to breath. Some people respond to humor better than others but some may be offended that something horrible can be manipulated into something entertaining.

I don't find it surprising that only 10% of teens are interested is because teens are all about them. If the news source doesn't impact them right away in their world they don't care about it. Most teens also lack the attention span and knowledge to understand what exactly they are reading and what it means. I don't know if all the news sources are presented poorly or us teens simply don't care. Teens get their news sources from search engines and default pages because we use them or they are programmed to show up when we click the icon. So the idea that teens blame news sources is just a scapegoat. We do not search for news it just pops up. When we aren't on social media pages we are on other pages just not news

Fake news can get dicey really fast. Fake news may not register with people that it is FAKE news and that it is NOT real. Some people do not understand sarcasm so they would be the people to get confused on such topics. For example the video that went around about the girl who was hit in the head with the shovel. Some person who wasn't a credited news source claimed the girl had died. The people of social media ate that news up and boom the rumor was spread. So with the idea of fake news you must be very careful on who watches or reads the news source.